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Collision Repair

If you have been involved in an auto accident, you have already been through enough.  At Crash Champions, we have over 25 years of collision and auto body repair experience to walk you through your vehicle repairs, every step of the way.  

Certified Collision Repair

Whether it’s a minor dent in your bumper or extensive vehicle damage, you can rest assured that the Crash Champions team will restore your vehicle back to manufacturer specifications following a collision.  We understand that after a serious auto accident, it’s hard to imagine that your car will ever look or drive the same again. That’s where Crash Champions comes in.

There are many steps to properly and safely repair today's vehicles:

  1. Estimate-Our team will inspect your vehicle to see what damage exists.  Keep in mind, not all damage can be seen on initial inspection, hidden damage can be found once the vehicle is disassembled.
  2. Disassembly-Your vehicle will be meticulously disassembled in the impacted area to uncover any hidden damage.  Communication with the customer and insurance company may be necessary, if additional damage is found.
  3. Order Parts-The availability of parts is checked and parts are ordered to make every effort to keep the repairs on schedule.
  4. Structural Repairs-Any structural repairs as a result of the accident must be repaired first.  All Crash Champions facilities utilize computer-based measuring systems to analyze the vehicle frame and ensure that it is brought back to manufacturer specifications, if applicable.
  5. Body Repairs-Skilled technicians repair or replace exterior body panels. All sheet metal is installed and aligned.  Vehicles are quality checked at this stage before moving into the paint department.
  6. Paint-Vehicle panels are primed, painted and sealed using only the highest quality, manufacturer approved, waterborne paint.
  7. Reassembly/Scanning-Panels, final vehicle moldings and detail pieces are put back on the vehicle.  It is in this stage that the electronics on your vehicle will be scanned post repair to ensure that all systems are functioning properly.
  8. Detailing-The vehicle is thoroughly cleaned inside and out to remove any dust, dirt or particles from the repairs.  The vehicle will be quality checked again to ensure that all repairs are complete, and the vehicle has been brought back to pre-accident condition.
  9. Completion-The Crash Champions team will explain the repairs performed, provide final paperwork, and post repair instructions.

Today’s vehicles are more complex than ever. With thousands of electronic components and new light weight designs, choosing the right repair facility for your vehicle is critical.  Our team of highly trained and highly skilled technicians specializes in everything from extensive structural car damage, suspension damage, mechanical damage, panel replacement, and factory compression spot welding.  

At Crash Champions we understand the importance of investing in our technicians, tools and facilities, to make sure that we are delivering your vehicle back safely, quickly and back to original/manufacturer specifications.  Every vehicle in our facility undergoes a rigorous repair and inspection process to ensure that your car will leave our facility driving, functioning and looking like it should.  

At Crash Champions, we want you to know that your family’s safety is our top priority.