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Traveling Systems Administrator

Position Details

Service Center: Corporate
Position Type: Information Technology

Systems Administrator Job Description:

Travel work out of and travel to local locations.- must be able to be flexible with short notice travel.

Climb ladders- comfortable with high heights, example using scissor lifts

Capable of Cabling and terminations required

Cat 5 and 6 knowledge

To set up and manage user accounts and permissions to consent access to a network.

Upholding and testing security, blocking unapproved access.

Chalk out maintenance plan for the prevention of unexpected failures.

Setting up the Organization’s computer system to meet specific business goals.

Monitoring day to day computer performance.

Update and maintain the computer inventory and equipment.

Maintain and resolve issues on LAN/WAN, VoIP telephone, biometric, AV systems connections.

Ensure desktop computers interconnection seamlessly with diverse system keeping in mind for compatibility factors.

Coordinate with vendors to resolve technical problems with desktop computing equipment and software.

Endorse and apply upgrades to systems to ensure durability.

Assess functional needs to regulate system purchase specifications.

Resolve hardware and network connectivity issues.

Validate & approve VPN access for all remote users.

Assist in technical upgrading and maintaining of entire desktop systems.

Support in testing and deployment of new applications and systems.

Train and guide staff hardware and software usage.

Ability to Travel to other Crash Champions offices throughout the country

Ability to Travel and assisting Crash Champions in the acquisition phase and support

Able to lift over 50lbs

Capable of installing network hardware in the cabinet.

Able to run additional network cables in necessary.